Officer Cadet Elizabeth Eldridge

23 May 2011
Steely-eyed dealers in death
“…chanting “kill, kill, kill”, approached the sandbag, screamed ‘en garde’ and stabbed it in the heart with full force…”
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29 March 2011
Breathless in Normandy
Officer Cadet Eldridge looks back at an 8-day exercise in the Brecon Beacons and a working visit to the beaches of Normandy.
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7 March 2011
Sensory deprivation
Officer Cadet Elizabeth Eldridge blogs again with an update on recent developments including a failure to blag effectively…
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17 December 2010
No Male Officer Cadets Allowed
Officer Cadet Elizabeth Eldridge writes once again from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, as training recommences after the Christmas break.
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1 December 2010
I am addicted to Call of Duty
Officer Cadet Eldridge writes once more with an update on her officer training, which has included playing a certain videogame…
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16 November 2010
A Colour Sergeant loomed ominously in the fluorescent strip light
Officer Cadet Eldridge blogs once more about her latest experiences of officer training.
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3 November 2010
Numerous sick-chits were awarded to the bloody-minded
In her latest blog, Officer Cadet Eldridge recounts her experience of Exercise LONG REACH in the Welsh mountains.
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27 October 2010
We stared out through our rifle sights at an as yet unknown enemy, the rain poured down, but we were in it together.
Officer Cadet Elizabeth Eldridge talks about her first experiences of training to become and Army Officer.
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