Second Lieutenant Sam Westlake

2Lt Sam Westlake

2Lt Sam Westlake

Second Lieutenant Sam Westlake, a graduate from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst who commissioned into The Parachute Regiment, blogged his way through P Company, the gruelling training course for all entrants to The Parachute Regiment.

His blogs are presented in chronological order according to date of publication.

23 February 2011
It pays to be a winner
Second Lieutenant Westlake’s first blog looks at his initial experiences and performance on P Company.
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24 February 2011
Second day, speed play
Pain station, anyone?
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25 February 2011
37 x 37
Second Lieutenant Westlake tackles a 7.5 mile tab with 37lbs of weight on his backs in day 3 of P Company.
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26 February 2011
Let the hill do the work
Another update from Second Lieutenant Westlake, from somewhere up a hill.
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27 February 2011
Feeling the effect
Second Lieutenant Westlake’s P Company course is now down to 30 men. Happily, he’s still one of them…
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28 February 2011
Plenty of banter
Second Lieutenant Westlake writes with news of an 8-mile tab…
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1 March 2011
Any niggles in the legs
It’s been another punishing day of training at P Company for Second Lieutenant Westlake.
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2 March 2011
A bit of a thrashing
Here’s Second Lieutenant Westlake’s latest blog from the P Company course at the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick.
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3 March 2011
8(ish) miles of pure pain
It’s been a day of ups and downs for Second Lieutenant Westlake…
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4 March 2011
3 hills later, I was not popular…
It’s the final day of “beat up” for Second Lieutenant Westlake. Test Week next week…
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10 March 2011
Test Week, Intro Day
Second Lieutenant Westlake’s blog from P Company continues. Test Week – the final week – has arrived. Here’s his account of the first day.
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11 March 2011
Daleks confronted by a staircase
Second Lieutenant Westlake’s latest blog details no major problems on a 4.5 mile morning run, although setting up a laptop and projector in the afternoon proved more challenging.
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12 March 2011
Distracted by the blonde taking pictures
Second Lieutenant Westlake finds a mystery blonde taking pictures of him “hanging out” during his latest day on P Company…
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13 March 2011
It’s a man test
The Log Race and Steeplechase – nothing more to be said.
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14 March 2011
Convincingly filled-in
Second Lieutenant Westlake takes a beating – literally – during milling. In his blog he recounts the experience…
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15 March 2011
No one really talks about the 20-Miler
But Second Lieutenant Westlake makes a point of doing so in his blog about the penultimate day of P Company. A day of drama for one of the men on the course, who broke a leg…
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16 March 2011
Mind over matter
P Company is all over for Second Lieutenant Westlake. But did he pass?
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