Musician Emma Peacock

Musician Emma Peacock.

Musician Emma Peacock.

My name is Emma Peacock, I’m an Army musician and I play flute and piccolo in The Band and Bugles of The Rifles. I have been here a year and a half now, after completing Phase 1 training at ATR Pirbright and Phase 2 at The Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall.


30 May 2013
Inspection time for The Band and Bugles of The Rifles
It has been quite a quiet time for the band recently so this has given us a lot of time to focus on individual music practice and lots of ensemble and sectional rehearsals, and to catch up with various administration tasks required to run a band.


2 April 2013
The bruises to prove it
We all boarded minibuses.  However, for once, we didn’t mind.  We were starting the long journey to Bavaria for adventurous training on Exercise Tiger Swift …Now we’ve returned to the unit we’re back to everyday life, but with a little more of an adventurous streak, and the bruises to prove it.

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23 August 2012
Marching to the sound of music 
After returning from Germany it was a quick turnaround as we were off to the home of military music, Kneller Hall. We were there to do the Slow March Competition for a new Corps slow march. We spent the morning practising. It took a bit of time for us, a light paced band, to get used to slow marching again. There was a lot of wobbling but we got there eventually.

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21 July 2012
A melodious tour of Germany  
The Germany trip started with an 8 ½ hour coach journey and then we took over the accommodation at Joint Head Quarters, (JHQ). This was to be our base for three weeks. The next day we travelled to Herford for a woodwind quintet job and a Sounding Retreat on a really big square. The general public there seemed to enjoy the parade as much as the invited guests.

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14 June 2012
The Band and the Bugles ot The Rifles  
Woe, what a month! Summer season has definitely started for us! Our Director of Music, Major Sale has returned from a nine month Intermediate Command Staff Course and is now very keen and wants lots of full band rehearsals.

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20 March 2012
Back to school for the Director of Army Music  
Musician Emma Peacock and the Rifles Band have joined the band of the Adjutant General’s Corps (AGC) to hold a workshop at the former school of the AGC’s Director of Music: “The day seemed to be a success and increased awareness of having a career as a musician in the army.”
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9 February 2012
Playing the kitchen sink, a toilet and a watering can
In this blog, Emma talks about her first engagement of the year, a pass off parade, playing for free cups of tea and a unique version of the post horn piece featuring a kitchen sink, toilet and a radiator.
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24 November 2011
Steady 120 beats per minute
In Emma’s fourth blog, she tells us about taking part in Operational Fitness Tests, rehearsing for a boxing event and taking part in Remembrances Services in her local city of Winchester .
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11 November 2011
We marked with what seemed like over 200 troops on to the square
Emma shares the nerves and excitement of exams (and passing), delivering the introduction to military music presentation to officer cadets at Sandhurst and letting her hair down with fellow musicians at the Halloween party.
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28 October 2011
It was challenging music, but that was what we joined for
In her second blog Emma’s band is on duty at Knellar Hall and, along with her colleagues, puts her social feet forward: “It was a very good night with the BSM as Elvis, the DOM with the largest afro ever seen and all of us looking very silly when walking to the bus stop.”
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20 October 2011
The audience were waving their arms along to Land of Hope and Glory
In her first blog Emma talks about parading in Korea and Holland: “We were in amongst floats and there were bands, bikes, cars, people in fancy dress, children and animals, all partying the night away.”
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