Lance Corporal Daniel King

Army musician Lance Corporal Daniel King

Army musician Lance Corporal Daniel King.

Lance Corporal Daniel King is principal clarinettist with the Band of the Royal Corps of Signals (RSIGS BAND). He is blogging about his experiences as a professional Army musician.

27 February 2012
A very long coach trip to Germany
During the quiet period at the beginning of the year the band takes the opportunity to learn this year’s new marching display. Throughout the period of the year the band will perform this display at beating the retreat all across the country and abroad. We have to learn the display now because if we leave it any later we will not have enough time in the working programme to fit it in.
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24 January 2012
5am start for a Passing Out Parade at Pirbright
‘Going back to work after a period of time on leave is always hard! I remember waking up in the morning thinking, “Do I really have to get up today?”  After hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock for the second time the wife eventually kicked me, forcing me to get up.’
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15 December 2011
Pie in the face polka
In this blog LCpl King talks about the bandmasters course at Kneller Hall and providing some after dinner entertainment.
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7 November 2011
Baton down
In this blog LCpl King talks about what normally happens within the few weeks leading up to a concert.
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14 October 2011
Musician on the steps
In his first blog LCpl King talks about playing at a Commissioning parade for Territorial Army officers at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.
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