C Company, 6 SCOTS (TA)

Members of C Coy taking part in medic training

Members of C Coy taking part in medic training

6th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (6 SCOTS)  is the Territorial Army Infantry for the south of Scotland www.army.mod.uk/6SCOTS

C Company is a dismounted rifle company covering the Greater Glasgow area. Its main role is to provide officers and soldiers who are trained and experienced in dismounted close combat to support regular units on operations.

Members of C Company regularly attend training weekends and events.

21 June 2012
Castle Guard (C Coy 6 SCOTS)
As a TA battalion, we had very limited time at weekends and evenings to prepare for the Guard, and some individuals only had a few short hours of drill rehearsal before parading on the day. In the end the Jocks did very well (especially considering that several of them had not touched rifle drill before volunteering for the Guard) and the Guard mount and sentry drill was conducted without incident.
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18 April 2012
Team Medic Training with the TA (C Coy 6 SCOTS)
Lance Corporal Stoker tells us about the training weekend at Motherwell TA Centre: “There was even some attempts made to sing to ‘Stayin Alive’ to help get the right rhythm for carrying out chest compressions on the resuss models.”
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