SuT Siobhan Spiers

Soldier under Training (SUT) Siobhan Spiers underwent Phase 1 Training at the Army Training Centre, Pirbright. She blogged about her experiences and you can read them here.


15 February 2011
28 days later
SuT Spiers’  first instalment covers her first four weeks of training.
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22 February 2011
Shouting “Halt!” at shadows in the trees
SuT Spiers’ latest experiences of Phase 1 Training have included seeing things that aren’t there.
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22 March 2011
The embarrassment of falling in a cattle grid on night patrol
SuT Spiers writes again with an update on the most recent three weeks of Training. Includes video.
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28 March 2011
Keep a positive attitude and finish
SuT Spiers’ latest blog has it all. 6-mile tabs, 12-foot walls, crawling in the mud…
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31 March 2011
Our rifles go wherever we go
Phase 1 is drawing to a close for SuT Spiers. Here’s her latest blog.
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11 April 2011
Buzzing with adrenaline
SuT Spiers’ 13th week included completion of a major outdoor exercise and an unexpected trip on an RAF Chinook  helicopter.
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13 April 2011
Finally leaving Pirbright
In her final blog, SuT Spiers reports on the final passing out parade at the Army Training Centre, Pirbright.
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