Recruit Richardson – Phase 1 Training (ATC(P))

Recruit Richardson

Recruit Richardson

Rct Richardson has recently completed Phase 1 training at the Army Training Centre Pirbright (ATC(P)).  He is set to start training at Blandford Camp as an Electronic Warfare Systems Operator shortly.  

20th  Aug 2012

Postman to Soldier. My mind was set on joining the army; my Grandpa was in the Royal Tank Regiment, my Uncle was in the Parachute Regiment and later the 2nd Yorkshire Regiment and my brother-in-law was in the 3rdYorkshire Regiment. I did wonder at times though what I was doing joining the Army. I’ve been with my partner for nine years, had a steady job as a Postman for eight, had a mortgaged property for seven and have two children Dillan and Lucas, aged two and four respectively. This new career move was to be a massive change for both me and my family, but I was certain that the upheaval would be worth it for such a challenging and rewarding career. Read more

23rd Sept 2012

Postman to Soldier – On Target. Exercise ‘FIRST NIGHT’ was to be our first real outdoor exercise; two nights and three days in the field.  We started Sunday evening and continued into Monday morning prepping our kit; making sure it was all in working order, waterproofed and all packed into the correct places. Later that day we were also fitted for our number two suits, which we will all be wearing hopefully on ‘pass off’ in nine weeks’ time. Read more

25th Oct 2012

Postman to Soldier – New Recruit becomes a Soldier. As the band started I felt nervous and excited.  The moment we marched onto the square I couldn’t have been any prouder.  The Parade went well; it was fantastic for all my family to see me on the square and also pick up my award.  All that hard work I put in over the last 13 weeks had finally come to an end.I was looking forward to spending some time with my family before starting my Phase 2 training.  I am excited about my trade training at Blandford Forum in Dorset, but also a little sad to say goodbye to the lads of 2 Section who I have lived with for the last 14 weeks. Read more

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