Recruit Horrix – Phase 1 Training (ATC(P))

Recruit Horrix

Recruit Horrix

Recruit Horrix is currently undergoing Phase 1 training at the Army Training Centre Pirbright (ATC(P)).  Upon successful completion of the 14-week course he is set to start training at Blandford Camp as an Electronic Warfare Systems Operator. 

The early days

I was born Terry Dean Horrix in Slough, Berkshire and have lived in and around London for the majority of my life. I had been working in London for the previous three years as a recruitment head-hunter for the investment banking sector. It was a good career but I felt that I wanted more from life and to challenge myself more than I currently was. Fitness has always been important in my life, I represented Arsenal FC as a schoolboy and have Boxed since I was 13. I was looking to find a career which encompassed fitness, travel, new experiences and a job where I would be making a difference.  The British Army to me amalgamated all of these ideas and I decided to go for it.

22nd August 2012
A career change signals. Rct Horrix explains arriving at ATC Pirbright and what happend during the first few weeks as a new recruit. The process to get into the army was a long one and fairly challenging. After completing my BARB test and interviews I attended ADSC.  I was given an in-depth and thorough explanation on what to expect, but still it is one of those things that you never really know until you get there. I was fully prepared due to a very good recruiter at my AFCO and was looking forward to getting the process started. My ADSC was on a Monday and Tuesday, so I had the pleasure of battling through the mayhem at London Waterloo to get my train down to Brookwood in Surrey. Read more

21st Sept 2012

Army Career- This was definitely the stuff I joined up for. This was a pretty intense day, where we were taught many different things which we were to be tested on the next day. These included; fire and movement, observation, target indication, judging distance and camouflage and concealment. This was a really good day as you were learning really important soldering skills, and that you know you would utilise throughout your career. We were taken on a patrol in the evening and taught how to complete this properly, which was really good. This was definitely the stuff I joined up for. Read more

25th Oct 2012

The Last Hurdle. I am finally finishing my Phase 1 training. We started the morning by going to the cook house with our section T-shirts on which we had the tailor make. Our Corporal joined us and I could see he was going to miss us (Not that he would ever admit it!). Following breakfast, we got changed into our No 2 dress and got prepared for our pass out. After a few words from the Sergeant Major, we marched onto the square in front of all our families. This definitely made the blood and sweat shed over the last 14 weeks worth it. The parade went really well and I was really proud to have to march up and receive my awards too. We then had a celebratory drink (a beer finally) with our family and friends. It was then time to leave and embark on a new challenge, Phase 2 training…………………Read more

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