159 Supply Regiment RLC

159erAs an Army Reserve Supply Regiment, 159 accounts for more than 1,000,000 items of stores, spares and equipment that the Army uses. Its main effort is to train its soldiers to deploy on operation where they work alongside soldiers from the Regular Army, including partner regiments in 102 Logistic Brigade; 6 Regiment RLC and 7 Regiment RLC.

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159 Regiment has troops currently on operations in Afghanistan, taking part in the return of troops and equipment to the UK.

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Setting sail with adventurous training – 17/06/14

A party of 12 soldiers from different squadrons of 159 Regiment RLC arrived at Kiel Yachting Club early in the afternoon of Friday 16th May. It was a beautiful place with views from the harbour looking across the Baltic ocean to the coastline of the rugged landscape of the northern fjords in Germany.

‘So, how would you like to go on tour?’ – 06/05/14

The first stage of MST was the 159 Regiment Battle Camp. The Regiment has a strong history of providing supply capability, deploying a troop of 23 soldiers to Afghanistan every six months since 2011. The camp was an excellent introduction to the Regiment for me and allowed me to have an input into the selection of the lucky soldiers who were capable, robust and dedicated to deploy on operations. Read more

A Reservist Adventure Training Weekend – 14/04/14

Next we moved onto the zip wire. We were to clip ourselves onto the rope and then stand at the edge before our instructor kindly pushed us off. The only way we were going to stop was to either have our mates at the other end of the wire hold a wooden wedge down using a rope, or crash into the fast approaching tree.  Read more

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