A shopping trip to Camp Bastion

Trooper Jonny Ritchie gets back to a few home comforts in Afghanistan.

After finishing our duty on QRF in PB2 it was back to the lavish surroundings (OK, lavish is over-selling it, but it has better conditions than PB2) of Camp Price. The next day we had a run to Bastion with equipment and men.  The troop leader hasn’t been with us this week as he is with another group of Mastiffs, so Corporal Stead has taken charge. My new commander is Lance Corporal Lawton with Trooper Patterson gunning.

My new commander, Lance Corporal Lawton

My new commander, Lance Corporal Lawton

The atmosphere in our wagon has been electric. Indeed, having myself (Northern Irish), Patterson (Geordie) and Lawton (Yorkshire) the banter is unstoppable and there’s been many a debate on board about accents and which one is more attractive to the opposite sex!  I know it’s mine, so no worries there!

I digress.

Getting to Bastion this week has allowed the lads to cash cheques, buy treats and even enjoy a trip to the American PX (shop) to stock up on my personal obsession, which is beef jerky.

I’ve finally admitted to my new commander that his Mario Kart timings on my Nintendo DS are unbeatable, much to his amusement!  Of course, being a very understanding fella he hasn’t rubbed it in my face at all (I’ll never hear the end of it) but if it was the other way around I’d do the same!  As we look to the end of this week we are still waiting to find out what next week’s assignment will be.

Until then that’s all for now.