Lieutenant Colonel Tim Purbrick

Lieutenant Colonel Tim Purbrick

Lieutenant Colonel Tim Purbrick

Lieutenant Colonel Tim Purbrick is the Spokesman for Task Force Helmand during for Operation HERRICK 14.

Since October 2010 he has been attached to HQ 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines, based in Plymouth, and he deployed to Afghanistan in March 2011. Tim is a Reservist from the Media Operations Group (Volunteers) and he will return to ‘civvy street’ at the end of this tour.

11 April 2011
I fell off the back of the helicopter
In his first post, Lieutenant Colonel Purbrick looks back at his first month in Afghanistan.
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20 April 2011
Welcome on board
Lieutenant Colonel Purbrick writes again with an update on what he and his colleagues in Media Operations have been doing.
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4 May 2011
The locals were amazed
In his latest blog, Lieutenant Colonel Purbrick writes about his experiences of recent events including Easter and the Royal Wedding.
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23 May 2011
No Ferrero Rocher at the Deputy Ambassador’s reception
Lieutenant Colonel Purbrick blogs with an update on events in Afghanistan, including a visit to Kabul.
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8 June 2011
Mixing it with the insurgents on the frontline
Lieutenant Colonel Purbrick blogs from Afghanistan on escorting The Sun’s Defence Editor, Virginia Wheeler, on the front line.
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29 June 2011
Now that’s success
Lieutenant Colonel Purbrick, the Spokesman for Task Force Helmand, writes once again with an update from Afghanistan.
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13 July 2011
“Go, move, go!”
Here’s the latest blog from Lieutenant Colonel Tim Purbrick, the Spokesman for Task Force Helmand.
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26 July 2011
A significantly better offer
Lieutenant Colonel Purbrick blogs from Afghanistan about an important ceremony that took place on 20 July.
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24 August 2011
A lot of lives and limbs have been saved. A good week for Helmand
Lieutenant Colonel Tim Purbrick blogs about visiting the British Embassy in Kabul and a good week for Helmand.
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19 September 2011
As I write this, a jar of golden, musky scented, sweet Helmand honey is sitting on my desk in front of me
Lieutenant Colonel Tim Purbrick, the spokesman for Task Force Helmand, blogs about swimming in the Helmand River, saying goodbye to the troops as his tour of Helmand comes to an end, and his discovery of delicious Helmand honey.
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27 September 2011
Thank you for sharing the Herrick 14 journey with me…
In his last blog from Helmand province Lieutenant Colonel Tim Purbrick, spokesman for Task Force Helmand, looks to the landmarks of his tour, including the Royal Wedding, the death of Osama bin Laden, the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, the transition of security in central helmand and, finally, a visit to troops by Cheryl Cole.
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