Padre Robin Richardson

16 November 2010
The deep truths of an old story
In his first post, Padre Robin Richardson – an Army Chaplain currently deployed to Afghanistan with 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (3 PARA) – reflects on the upcoming Islamic celebration of Eid-ul-Adha and the potential, possibilities and promise that a religious holiday can bring in  Afghanistan.
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18 November 2010
In his latest blog Padre Robin Richardson recounts the Remembrance Sunday service and meets Paul, a 24-year old soldier on his second tour.
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23 November 2010
Doing what’s right
Padre Robin Richardson writes about his impressions of watching ISAF medics treating an injured insurgent.
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2 December 2010
Meeting Matt
Padre Robin Richardson “chews the fat” with Matt, a senior Signaller who keeps the battlefield communications flowing.
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6 December 2010
Across the camp the music came
Padre Robin Richardson is inspired to write about the power and meaning of music after an experience at Patrol Base Shahzad with 5 SCOTS.
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16 December 2010
The silent liturgy of our farewells
Padre Robin Richardson writes from Camp Bastion about the death of Private John Howard on 5 December.
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24 December 2010
Christmas is almost upon us
Padre Richardson blogs from Afghanistan with his thoughts just ahead of Christmas.
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28 December 2010
…and thank the chefs
Padre Richardson writes about helping out with Christmas lunches, and being inspired to find out more about the life of an Army chef.
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31 December 2010
Padre Richardson writes about meeting Rob, a Parachute Regiment Physical Training Instructor.
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27 January 2011
They don’t come better than her, they just don’t
Padre Richardson has been back to the UK on R&R, but took time to visit injured soldiers, in hospital in Birmingham and undergoing rehabilitation at Headley Court.
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7 February 2011
Dave and Phil
Padre Richardson writes about meeting Dave and Phil as they recall a close contact with insurgents and in turn reflects on the shared benefits of talking about experiences.
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8 February 2011
Padre Richardson reflects on the death of Wo2 Colin “Tom” Beckett.
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28 February 2011
Padre Richardson writes about meeting a Para called Baz, visiting the construction of a new community meeting area and seeing the reaction of local children to some small gifts sent by a little girl in the UK.
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7 March 2011
Padre Richardson reflects before Lent on catching up with a commander he hasn’t seen since the start of the tour.
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22 March 2011
The fruits (and vegetables) of progress
As Operation HERRICK 13 draws to a close, so does 3 PARA’s time in Afghanistan. In this blog, Padre Richardson – attached to 3 PARA – reflects on what he has seen to change over the last 6 months.
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28 March 2011
Padre Robin Richardson, attached to 3 PARA in Afghanistan, blogs once more.
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5 April 2011
That we had no kind of font or baptistry was irrelevant
Padre Richardson blogs about a week of unexpected events.
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26 April 2011
No-one said it would be easy
A moving and very powerful final post from Padre Robin Richardson, attached to 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment (3 PARA) as he concludes his 6-month tour of Afghanistan.
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