Corporal Paul Birkett

Cpl Paul Birkett

Cpl Paul Birkett

Corporal Paul Birkett is a Communications Systems Operator (CS Op) currently stationed with 1st United Kingdom Armoured Division Headquarters and Signal Regiment (1 (UK) ADSR) based in Herford, Germany. He recently deployed on Op HERRICK 15 where he is employed as Communications Centre (COMMCEN) Operator/Commcen IC.

He is responsible for transmitting, receiving and distributing messages within Main Operating Base (MOB) Lashkar Gah. Secondary duties include providing support via telephone to  outstations around the area and monitoring communications systems.

14 February 2011
Waiting for the rainy season to end
Paul and the team have been dealing with floods and wasp nests: “One of the HQs has been flooded and personnel were trying to disperse the water with paper cups and bowls.”
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19 December 2011
Thoughts return to home this Christmas
Paul and his fellow troops are adjusting to a chilly December in Helmand: “Christmas is now approaching fast and becoming more noticeable as the gifts and presents are starting to fill our communications equipment room. I’m sure we will have fun on the festive day, although our thoughts will be with our families back home.”
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8 December 2011
Exploding cola and a bag of clean washing
The excitement Paul’s first sangar experience was a pack of dogs roaming around his position. However, the Troop OC’s desk and clean washing was spoilt by a can of exploding Coke.
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21 November 2011
Arrival and handover at comms HQ
In Paul’s first blog, he tells us about packing up and leaving camp in Herford and arriving in Camp Bastion, intensive training and taking over the reins from the previous CS Op.
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