Major Simon Doyle

Major Simon Doyle - OC C Coy 1 PWRR

Major Simon Doyle - OC C Coy 1 PWRR

Major Simon Doyle is the Officer Commanding C Company of the 1st Battalion the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (1 PWRR) known as the ‘Tigers’.

Simon has responsibility for Area of Operations Centre-South as a part of Combined Force Nad ‘Ali, headed by 3rd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland (3 SCOTS).

02 April 2012
One final patrol for C Company 1 PWRR in the Green Zone
Simon reflects on his company’s six-month tour before handing the patrol base over to the next company: “By establishing and maintaining friendly, professional relationships with the ANA we have been able to encourage them to increase the frequency of their patrols, which has in turn enhanced the security in the Green Zone.”
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29 March 2012
Building bridges and fighting insurgents
As the end of tour approaches Maj Doyle speaks of improvements to the local environment, plus keeping a step ahead of the insurgents, “This was to be the biggest Royal Engineer bridge building project since the Korean War in the 1950s and more importantly the finished bridge should greatly increase the freedom of movement for the local Afghan population.”
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20 December 2011
A tour of two halves
“We have hats in every colour of the rainbow being sported across the camp as dusk falls; a brown woolly hat making Pte Robertson-Sinclair look like Klinger from Mash, a baggy affair making Pte Edwards look like a Rastafarian and a Blue-Yellow-Blue woolly hat allowing Lt Grant Reynolds to remain Regimental through and through, even when shivering in camp!”
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1 December 2011
The local people were more than happy to take part in the community project
Simon and C Company, 1 PWRR, are settling into life in their FOB, preparing it for winter. The team have been working on community projects and partaking in the Muslim celebration of Eid ul-Adha.
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8 November 2011
Children are full of the same energy and vitality as those many of us have left behind
In his first blog, Major Simon Doyle writes about meeting the children of Afghanistan and the excitement when the troops receive post from their loved ones back home.
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1 November 2011
Patrols, progress, volleyball and Halloween treats
In the last 2 weeks alone we have closed our first checkpoint, had fun developing our relationship with the ANA and conducted our first large aviation operation into the desert.
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