Lance Corporal Joshua Crook

Lance Corporal Joshua Crook

Lance Corporal Joshua Crook

Lance Corporal Joshua Crook, of Y Company 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (1RRF), joined the Army in January 2011 and attended the Infantry Training Centre Catterick for the six-month Combat Infantryman Course. He joined 1RRF in September 2011 and since then has completed countless exercises. Joshua attended and passed the Fire Team Commander’s Course in January this year and was promoted in Afghanistan in April.

This is my first operational deployment. Here I am now, hoping to tell you all about it.

17 June 2013
A Lance Corporal’s perspective
Here in Afghanistan it’s completely different from how it used to be. A different war. We are no longer out to start fights; grenade in hand and bayonets fixed. We’ve been there, done that and it’s now the time to let the ANSF take over: take responsibility for their country and their people; and they’re doing just that.

3 thoughts on “Lance Corporal Joshua Crook

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  2. Interesting read. firstly in that I didn’t realise that our Josh was one to write and secondly because I didn’t know that he knew so many big words ha ! but mainly because the blog explained a lot to not only those serving in the forces but to Joe Bloggs too. Great insite to a gruelling task. Instilled a positive and practical explaination and update.
    looking forward to the next blog.
    (auntie) Debbie.


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