SSgt (FofS(IS)) Kay – 2 Signal Regiment

SSgt (FofS(IS)) Kay

SSgt (FofS(IS)) Kay

SSgt (FofS (IS)) Kay, a member of 2 Signal Regiment (2SR) and will be working in the Ops team of 246 Gurkha Signal Squadron, based in Camp Bastion for a six month tour on Operation HERRICK 17. He previously deployed in 2010/2011 with 16 Air Assault Brigade and was based in Lash Gakhar. The main tasks on Operation HERRICK 17 concentrate on working as part of a small  Operations team ensuring that Fixed Trunk Communications throughout Helmand are sustained in order to enable the Brigade to concentrate on their main tasks at hand in defeating the enemy.

5 Nov 2012

2SR Op Herrick 17 tour with 246 Gurkha Signal Squadron. I was posted to 2 Signal Regiment to go on tour, and while this is my job and I am happy to do it, I am apprehensive about leaving my wife and children yet again to face yet another Operational challenge. The build up phase to the tour has been encapsulated by STA (Specific Training to Arm) courses which I have had to attend in order to prepare me for the task at hand. Read more

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