Corporal Georgina Coupe

Corporal Georgina Coupe

Corporal Georgina Coupe

Corporal Georgina Coupe is the video camerawoman for the British Army’s Combat Camera Team (CCT) based in Afghanistan throughout summer 2012 as part of 12th Mechanized Brigade.

The current CCT includes me Corporal Georgina Coupe, camerawoman, Sergeant Andy Reddy, photographer, and our team leader Captain Will Campbell Ricketts. Over the next six months we will be providing video, photographs and news articles telling the story of British troops in Afghanistan as we continue to mentor the Afghan security forces.

For me, the best thing about my job is the variety of work and people we work with. In the space of a few hours we can go from filming helicopter manoeuvres to a Combat Logistic Patrol transporting vital supplies across the desert. You can’t just arrive in Afghanistan and turn the camera on. Before we deployed, we completed a comprehensive training package, enabling us to be ready to go straight out on the ground, alongside the front-line troops.

5 September 2012
On the flight line with the Merlin crews
Following a much needed spell of ‘R and R’, Corporal Georgina Coupe is back in Afghanistan filming with the Merlin helicopter crews. “The hardest part was trying to keep the camera still in the massive downdraft that is created when picking up and dropping off the underslung load. For the first trip the OC had to brace himself behind me without which I would have definitely ended up a few feet in the wrong direction …”
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9 July 2012
Culinary delights and Warthogs
Since we left Bastion just over week ago the CCT have covered a lot of miles both in vehicle and by foot.

We flew into Main Operating Base Price in good time for us to sample the culinary delights of “MOB Nice” as it’s commonly known and also to meet up with the Warthog Group formed by The Kings Royal Hussars. It was an eventful few days spent in some sweltering temperatures in the back of the heavily armoured tracked vehicles whose task, whilst we were there, was to provide a security screen for the largest Afghan operation of the year so far
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13 June 2012
Early one Morning in Afghanistan
Following on from my last blog, early one morning last week we flew into Shawqat. It’s my favourite time to fly, as the sun is just coming up and I love watching the contrasting miles of desert as it turns into the lush ‘greenzone’ and the more inhabited area of Nad Ali District. The helicopter trips are definitely my favourite part of being out here and it always amazes me that people sleep on them
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29 May 2012
Engineering a way to success
Georgina and the team filmed the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee message before heading out with the Afghan National Army to clear a previous insurgent stronghold: “This got off to a feisty start, initially with a lot of resistance from the insurgents. Once the ANA started to move across the ground, the insurgents soon melted away…”
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13 May 2012
Clearing the editing decks
Following the editing of previously shot pieces, Georgina and the team have been out capturing British troops training members of the Afghan National Police and Army: “Although there are literacy classes which form a crucial element of the training, Andy and I both prefer to photograph and film the more physical aspects, which included self defence training and patrolling.”
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27th April 2012
Capturing the essence of the battlefield
Georgina has been filming the first major offensive of the summer in Afghanistan: “It was an Afghan National Army (ANA) planned and led operation, to clear a previous insurgent stronghold. The role of ISAF was very much to provide advice. Over the operation, we covered a massive 45 km across a variety of terrain.”
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16th April 2012
Recording the stories of British troops in Afghanistan
Georgina and the team have got straight to work, photographing British troops in Afghanistan: “Ignoring the age old advice of never working with children or animals, we spent a day with two military dog handlers. Andy spent quite a bit of time getting up close with a particularly ferocious looking protection dog Vinco, but came away intact with some great shots.”
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Engineering a way to success