Soldier to Officer: Week Five


Hayley Larcombe served in the British Army as a qualified nurse for nine years. After a successful career, including deployments to Afghanistan and Kenya, she decided to apply for a commission into the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps as an officer.

She was successful at the Army Officer Selection Board and has recently started the Professional Qualified Officers course at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst. For 11 weeks she will be in Dettingen Company, 47 Platoon.

This blog will follow her progress: week in week out.

We were very tired at the beginning of week 5 after completing Exercise Horrock’s Endeavor on Sunday. We were inspected on Monday lunchtime, showing that all of our exercise kit was clean. Needless to say, many of us found ourselves on show parade that evening!

This week we have been to many Communication Information Systems (CIS) lessons, where we have been learning how to assemble a variety of different radios and master voice procedure (voice procedure is how we should talk on the radio) . Without communications, even the most organised and well-disciplined force will grind to a halt. It is therefore, imperative that we practice these skills and get them right.

We have really enjoyed our lessons at the Academic Department this week. The Communication and Applied Behavioural Science (CABS) lessons at RMAS are designed to provide Officer Cadets with an understanding of what motivates people and how teams work.

Heading into the library to do some research for our CABS presentations.

Heading into the library to do some research for our CABS presentations.

We have also been taught techniques to improve problem-solving and decision-making skills, discussed the nature of biases and learnt ways of communicating more effectively. Most importantly, we have discussed techniques that can help a young officer to support soldiers. We have also been receiving War Studies lessons, which have been extremely insightful.

On Saturday, we had our Platoon social event. One of the Officer Cadets in our Platoon organised a night in London for us, which was very well received.

It was great to be able to let our hair down a little bit. Social events like this really help to bond the Platoon further and it was great to have a little break before we commence week 6 on Monday!

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  2. Glad to see that the Army has become more inclusive and will consider those in the ranks for officer training. In my day (1950s) despite being recommended to my CO (Lt Col) for officer selection by my OC (Major) I was turned down as the CO “did not believe in getting his officers from the ranks”.


  3. Hello, I like the write-ups and experiences given by the soldiers. They given a foretaste of what kind of life awaits many a young applicant of the British army


  4. I enjoyed a wonderful 38-year career, rising through the ranks to retire as a Lieutenant Colonel. The Army has always encouraged soldiers to become officers if they have that unique quality of leadership. A blend of commissioned officer is healthy, long may it be so!


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