You’re in the Army now: arms drill

Recruit Andrew Vaughan.

Recruit Andrew Vaughan.

My name is Andrew Vaughan, I am 25 years old and this is my story so far. I have just finished my thirteenth week of Phase 1 training at ATR Winchester where I hope to go on to join the Royal Artillery.

Week 13


Today we began learning arms drill in preparation of our impending pass out parade. Straight away we realised that arms drill is a lot harder than we first thought, with bruises quickly emerging on our hands and shoulders!

We spent most of the day covering basics such as standing at ease, attention and sloping/changing arms. Afterwards we went to the storeroom for our final No 2 Dress fitting. Once satisfied our No 2 Dress fitted, we brought them back to the block to begin to prep them for next weeks parade.

We finished the day preparing for our presentations that we would deliver regarding the Royal Artillery – our chosen cap badge.


We began the day with functional skills, which covered all we had learnt over the 13 weeks. Afterwards we got changed and headed to PT which was a swimming test. The test was the same as our initial – treading water for two minutes followed by six lengths, only this time it was after quite a hard warm up and wearing military kit that weighed us down. After all our training we all managed to pass without any dramas. I even jumped off the top board without hesitation – a small feat which I couldn’t complete at the start of the process and a testament to my development here.

Recruits from ATR Winchester on arms drill

I’m not here, but these are some recruits from ATR Winchester on drill

After PT we spent the rest of the day learning more arms drill, which is confusing a fair few of us at the moment!


In the morning we had the COs inspection and after many hours of hard graft we managed to get the block gleaming. The inspection went well and we breathed a sigh of relief.

We’d packed our bergens the night before and took them to PT ready for our six mile TAB. We had to pass this to pass out and I was very nervous. Although hard work we all pulled together as a troop and apart from one, we all managed to pass. The recruit who didn’t retook the test and passed second time around as well.

We finished the day with more arms drill, learning the final movements before going over all of them until perfected.


A couple of financial briefs today, followed by swimming PT and then arms drill practise with the other troops so that we can all get the movements in time for pass out. As it stands, we need more work!

Cadets from ATR Winchester on swimming PT

Recruits from ATR Winchester on swimming PT


Today we delivered our presentations on the Royal Artillery including when we formed, early battles we’ve been involved in and our influence in modern warfare today. Our presentation was well received and our hard work paid off.

We had strength and conditioning for PT which was brutal! Circuits in the sun which is always a winning combo! More arms drill in the evening to brush up our skills including changing arms on the march.

Saturday and Sunday

This weekend was spent in camp, brushing up on admin and enjoying the last weekend I’ll have here. Our troop spent our time in the NAAFI reflecting on our time here and pondering what was next for us.

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