Teaching old dogs new tricks: Journey of a Reservist recruit

Date:  January 2014
Army Reserve Recruit: Craftsman Garry Freire
Initial Training (six weekends): Trained Soldier Course (Alpha) (TSC(AO)) course
Location: Pirbright

Weekend 5
Craftsman Garry Friere

Craftsman Garry Friere

Craftsman Garry Freire is an Army Reserve soldier from 103 Bn REME embarking on his Trained Soldier Course (Alpha) (TSC(AO)) at Army Training Unit (South), Pirbright. He has six weekends to complete this part of initial training. Cfn Freire is a Policeman in his civilian life.

New team, new challenge

It has been some time since my last blog just before Christmas. I should actually have completed all my Alpha phase weekends by now but the real world caught up with me and I was unable to attend the planned weekend 5 with my original course. That was a real shame but I wish them all the best of luck in their Army careers! You never know we may meet each other again in the future.

Preparing for the day's exercise.

Preparing for the day’s exercise with the new team.

This meant that my actual weekend 5 would now be with different recruits and different instructing staff. I have to be honest and say that this wasn’t a position I particularly relished. The team dynamics are well established by weekend 5 and I did feel like I was imposing to begin with. Happily, we all got along and my course mates were very gracious in welcoming me to their course. Overall, I think we all had a very good weekend.

The weekend was almost exclusively conducted in the field. Early Saturday morning we made our way to the exercise area and prepared for a long day of lessons. We learnt many new skills throughout the day form patrolling to preparing a ‘harbour’ area. Saturday finished with sentry duties throughout the night into early Sunday morning. Fortunately, the weather remained moderate which was fortunate as severe conditions had been forecast! Although, I did have to get up twice through the night to re-fasten our ‘Basha’ which was attempting to achieve flight in the high wind.

Closer to becoming a soldier

Sunday morning started with kit packing, ration pack breakfast, and personal administration. We were each inspected to ensure that we met the high standards that had been set. We were then thrown in to fire and manoeuvre rehearsals and drills. This really is where the fun part of training begins. We were issued with several hundred rounds of blank ammunition which we happily disposed of in various scenarios. Sometimes storming as pairs, sometimes repelling as the enemy. Always good fun. It is physically demanding but really gives you a feeling that all the training is coming together and you are inching ever closer to becoming a real soldier.

"Clean It Again"

“Clean It Again”

Coming close to failure

The exercise was stood down and we returned to Pirbright for the tedious part of the weekend…..cleaning the rifles! I would never believe that it could take so long and become such a huge undertaking cleaning one rifle. How wrong you can be! After countless attempts at getting the rifle passed by the assembled scrutinisers, I finally handed it back to the armourer with a huge sense of relief.

Last thing to mention was the two mile TAB. For some reason this proved to be quite a struggle this weekend. Whether it was fatigue from the weekend itself, or just a lack of preparation, I can’t say. I did finish it but if I’m honest, and that had been the three-mile TAB on weekend 6, I would have failed. Not good at all. More work will be required over the next couple of weeks to ensure that I don’t have a repeat performance.

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