Fastnet update: 14 August 2013

Wednesday 13 August: Approaching the Rock.

Wednesday 13 August: Approaching the Rock.

Update wed 14 Aug 1215 – After rounding The Scillies we wind dropped significantly and we were almost going backwards. Last night was wet and blustery as the wind picked up to Force 5.

With no moon or stars it was pitch black and we were blasting along, heeled over considerably. Even the dolphins came out to play again! I can only describe this as driving along with no headlights on and the car doors wide open! Fat chance of getting any sleep down below!

We can now see the rock and the sun is coming out! Bring it on – we are nearly homeward bound!

Update 13 August 2013 including updates for 9, 10, 11 and 12 August

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