Training with the Territorial Army

6th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (6 SCOTS) is the Territorial Army Infantry for the south of Scotland. A Company, 6 SCOTS,  is a dismounted rifle company. Its main role is to provide officers and soldiers to support regular units on operations. It is made up of three platoons, two infantry rifle platoons and one specialist signals platoon.

The Annual Fitness Test loaded march at Barry Budden Training Area.

The Annual Fitness Test loaded march at Barry Budden Training Area.

Barry Budden Training Camp 9-11 March 2012

A relatively low turnout did not prevent us from having a good weekend up in Dundee with plenty of training value.

After being treated to an athlete’s full English breakfast on Saturday morning, we kick-started training with the Personal Fitness Test, led by everyone’s favourite Physical Training Instructor, Cpl Dodds. 44 press-ups in 2 minutes, 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes and 1.5 miles in 10 minutes 30 seconds is the minimum standard. But as the motivated infanteers that we are, we all worked hard to beat the standard and push ourselves to our limits. With the RSM threatening 2nd Lt Clarke with “a punch fir ‘ivray jock that beats ‘um in the run” it appeared that the young officer was struggling to prevent himself from regurgitating his baked beans and French toast in an effort to come first in the run. A feat he never managed to achieve.

War face

After stretching off we commenced with the day’s lessons. Two sections of 10 men went through a series of practical lessons including dealing with road traffics accidents, extracting casualties under fire and section battle drills. Everyone appreciated going back to basics and getting back into the ‘green stuff.’ Many a war face was seen and primal scream heard as each enemy position was taken, and by the end of the day we were all exhausted.

An early start and another warrior’s breakfast set us up for Sunday’s session of physical exertion; the Combat Fitness Test. The CFT is a 6-mile loaded march to be completed in 1.5 hours. After carefully checking that everyone’s equipment weighed 25Kg, we set off on the forced march around Barry Budden Training Area.

Manly screams

Ninety minutes later everyone was glad the ordeal was over, and ready to crack on with the section attacks for the morning. Despite a few mutterings of sore feet and blisters, everyone soldiered on and efficiently carried out their preparation for battle. The attacks that followed were deliberately made more difficult than those of the previous day, with casualties, more cunning enemy and harder terrain to cover. However the lads responded brilliantly, and worked hard to extract the casualties out of the “killing area” and back into a safe area that could act as a Helicopter Landing Spot.

There were times when we thought there were more casualties than expected, with not exactly manly screams bellowing out from Pte Taite and Pte Robertson as they clutched their legs and went down with cramp. It appeared that they had recently watched “Platoon” and were trying to re-enact Willem Defoe’s infamous death scene, but after a quick stretch off they were back in action and helping to extract the real casualties…

With that, the weekend was done. Everyone had worked extremely hard and there was a feeling of real achievement as we cleaned the weapons and ate our mince and tatties, a fine lunch kindly delivered by our chefs, before jumping onto the transport and heading home.

By a member of A Coy, 6 SCOTS
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