I guess it’s all part of toughening up

Soldier under Training (SuT) Amazu blogs about an action-packed week on exercise.

SuT Amazu

SuT Amazu

Week 13

It finally arrived; Exercise FINAL FLING was upon us.  We tabbed to our hasty harbour for starters, then the first drama happened when one of our mates was kidnapped, though we were then able to tactically rescue him. Finding and disarming an IED whilst on patrol was yet another highlight. The exercise was already in full swing.

The day started with a clearance patrol similar to the day before. We then moved house to the Forward Operating Base (FOB) and encountered a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) attack amongst other events, and guess what happens if you don’t have your hoods on your CBRN suit done up?  It was quite a long day, thanks to the seemingly endless patrols.

An early morning ‘stand to’ proved to be an effective wake up call. We then took Section photographs which I believe helped us relax for a bit. We then embarked on this journey out of the FOB in which my back ached as though I was towing a carriage of the whole Platoon. I guess it’s all part of toughening up.

We took part in a thrilling section attack having observed the enemy position the previous night. The essence of team work was again proved as we raced and dived for cover in the process of taking out our foes. Being the eve of the final events, morale was quite high.

We took off early in the morning for the final onslaught at the end of which our training team was quite impressed by our rapid forward bounds and all. I can’t begin to imagine how out of breath we all were. Thankfully Ex FINAL FLING was done and dusted (though with an energy sapping final attack).

I think the excitement of going for the final day release motivated us to smash through the CBRN lesson with minimal fuss. I tried not to think about the mountain of post exercise admin but not with much success. Nevertheless we relaxed as much as possible.

Admin was finally sorted out prior to attending our final Sunday service at ATC (P). We even gave a heart warming rendition to a cheering crowd during the service (farewell songs usually leave you teary eyed). It was actually a very exciting day to say the least.