Only a few people responded to ‘oi!’

Soldier under Training (SuT) Amazu’s latest blog from the Army Training Centre covers another week in the field.

SuT Amazu

SuT Amazu

Week 10 

Simultaneously busy and relaxed today as I had to join another Troop for what I called my Exercise HALFWAY ‘remix’ (ie I had to re-do the exercise). From inspections, settling in with the new lads, and shopping for all that was required for the trip, I must say it was really an exciting day overall.

Upon arrival at the training area near Aldershot, I had to learn the names of my new Section mates pretty fast as it turned out that only a few people responded to ‘oi’! There were knee-deep shell scrapes to dig for starters – an amazing team spirit saw us through it.

Whilst sitting or kneeling on the grass (and avoiding cow dung), several lectures followed in quick succession. We kept being reminded that we would be tested on them in the following days, so taking notes proved critical.

The Personal Administration test in the morning yielded a few casualties as expected, although I was happy that my Section had the least of them. Those affected must be pleased to know that there would be a retest the next day. I drew some motivation from being successful.

Still buzzing with yesterday’s success, I took on today’s tests and had similar results. The lads were so nice which made life a lot easier for all of us. Teamwork proved to be the key. Then we filled up the shell scrapes before heading to the coach for our return trip.

Post-exercise administration took the better part of the morning as expected. I had to cut it short so that I was able to get away with the lads for our much needed day release. A few hours at the shops and in Nandos proved to be very much in order.

Part of the day saw me complete all my admin that lingered from the week’s activities and the other half was used to relax with the lads – catching up with news and burning topics from around the world as we started preparing for yet another week in high spirits.

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