I must learn not to laugh when being inspected!

Recruit Stanesby is newly-arrived at the Army Training Centre, Pirbright. She will be blogging throughout her British Army Phase 1 Training. In this first post, she looks back at the first 3 weeks…

Recruit Stanesby

Recruit Stanesby

Week 1

Arriving at camp I was really nervous and my stomach was doing somersaults – but once I met a few of the girls I managed to calm down. I was put into my section and instantly bonded with my team. The first day is mainly filled with doing all the paperwork and getting measured up for our kit. We met the Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant and all the Section Commanders that will be taking us through training for the rest of the 14 weeks.

Day 2 and we started to get the ball rolling. We picked up all our kit and had all our medicals to ensure we were fit to train and up to date with all our vaccinations. Also we were taught all the health and safety precautions and were briefed on what was expected of us over the next 14 weeks.

The rest of the week was mainly admin and sorting out all the paper work which is a little bit boring, but has to be done. We were taught how to iron all our military kit properly, which is hard at first – but persistence pays off! Our first fitness test came up during the first week. We were a little nervous about and found it quite hard, but the training team and the Physical Training Instructors (PTIs) are there to keep you going. The fitness test consists of a mile and a half run, 60m jerry can carry and a 20kg ammo tin lift. The weekend was still busy as all our kit had to be ready for our first locker inspection on Monday – but Sunday was a refreshing break as we went to church as a Platoon.

Week 2

Week 2 is where the hard work starts and training begins. The mornings start with locker and block job inspections, which is quite a wake-up call first thing in the morning! Inspections have to be to a high standard and there are millions of things you wouldn’t even think about doing. The Section Commander never misses a trick, but we learn from our mistakes.

We had our first physical training (PT) session this week. They’re really hard and always  no matter how hard we train before you come you will always be physically and mentally challenging. But as long as you put 110% into each session and never give up they’re really good fun and you feel fantastic afterwards!

We started weapon handling drills this week.  There’s a lot to remember and no matter how tired you are this is where you really need to listen and make sure you practise every night. We also started drill this week which is our favourite activity – learning how to march as a Platoon gives us a real sense of achievement.

The weeks are busy and the days are long but time goes quickly and the girls already feel like part of my family.

Week 3

The locker inspections have been stepped up this week.  The Platoon Sergeant inspected us on Monday morning, but I must learn not to laugh when being inspected!  Rifle lessons are now more in-depth, but we’re starting to get the hang of things. It becomes easier the more we practise – we have been using wooden replica weapons every evening.

We are now marching in step as a Platoon and halting together on the same foot. This week I have really enjoyed swimming, and felt I am now getting into my stride. However it’s harder to get up in the mornings as day to day in training is very tiring. Map reading is not really my best subject but managed to keep up and get the hang of it, love working as a team with the rest of my section we always set out to win.

We have been laughing a lot this week as it is not just all hard work there are a lot of good times and memories too.

13 thoughts on “I must learn not to laugh when being inspected!

  1. keep going girl,you’ll find it gets easier as time goes by.
    david,former Army,RAF,TA.


  2. Ms Stanseby, sounds like ur enjoying it! Will b tough2, but ur strong4 it. Perhaps u should all laughed at inspection time x


  3. best laugh i ever had was after joining t a after training and rsm inspection inhangar at pwogbarracks grantham rsm seemmed 10ft tall andwe were all nervous but rsm tried to put us at ease chatting to few men as he carried out inspection he came to a black recruit and asked him where he came from to which he replied scotland sir SCOTLAND SAID THE RSM IN A BOOMING VOICE . WHAT PART OF SCOTLAND HE ASKED?A voice from the rear shouted” the SUNNY PART” to which we all fell apart including the rsm and the recruit the inspection took a more sombre note after a few moments when when order was restored by the rsm’s settle down now


  4. I was at Pirbright 34 years ago as a Junior Guards.man.
    If all you have to worry about is not laughing times have changed.
    Good luck enjoy every minute you won’t regret it


  5. I was also at Pirbright back in 1991 when it was known as the guards depot.
    And must admit it was the best day’s of my live no doubt it has all changed since then all i can say is enjoy your time there and listen to the instructors as they will have alot of experience to teach you all the valuable lesson’s you will need to further your chosen career in the army.
    And if laughing is all you have to worry about i second what Phil has said thing’s have changed a hell of a lot.

    David ex irish guards 1991-1996 and 3 squadron raf regiment 2008- 2011


  6. hope all goes well for you. im soon to be going to my ADSC, i know i will be ok for that im just nervouse about the phase 1-2 training.


  7. I have never been in the forces, i missed national call up as it had been abolised. Im now 65 and looking back i whished had,Its people like you that make me fill proud that we still have young people who are willing to serve there country and do their bit, you are a prime exsample of all that is good in this country of ours, keep up the good work and injoy your time in the forces.
    Ray Harris retried Audio Visual tec.


  8. Good luck I look forward to reading more of your blog kind of showing me what il get if i pass my ADSC 2nd of August, keep it up try your hardest and keep us posted and any tips would be great lol


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