We were absolutely filthy

Soldier under Training (SuT) Amazu writes again from the Army Training Centre, Pirbright with diary entries covering his ninth week of Phase 1 training for the British Army.

SuT Amazu

SuT Amazu

Week 9

There were plenty of obstacles to climb, crawl and jump through on the Assault Course. We were absolutely filthy afterwards. We also had fun in the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT – a digital shooting range) thanks to our past experience.

I appreciated the value of my respirator after being exposed to CS gas in the Respirator Test Facility. It was such a good laugh afterwards though. I can’t wait to see the funny faces everyone pulled in the photographs taken as they walked out of the CS gas-filled room.

It was an all-day affair at the ranges. I felt my confidence skyrocket after hitting targets at distances of up to 300m. I am sure most of us felt similar emotions. Not a bad day at all.

It was generally an easy day – most of us have started acquiring the necessary swimming skills required and the activity helped cool us off after a long lesson on how to look after battle casualties. Does anyone like going to the pool after such hot afternoons? I know I do.

We went a step higher in the Assault Course today (we even managed to climb a 12ft wall unaided!) I was glad we beat our previous completion time as a platoon. Watch out for Paget Platoon!

I felt that using the better part of the morning to clean our weapons was in order (after the previous days at the ranges) considering that we had a day release later in the afternoon. Everyone looked happy and ready to splash out at the shops. Weekends are usually fun around here. I loved it.

It was quite refreshing at church. It dawned on me that we had only four weeks to go as we cheered on one of our mates who did a beautiful song on our behalf. The rest of the day was used to prepare for the next week.