In the Army we don’t worry about the weather

Soldier under Training (SuT) Amazu chronicles his seventh week in Phase 1 Training at the Army Training Centre, Pirbright – the last week before a short break and the chance to go home.

SuT Amazu

SuT Amazu

Week 7                   

Passing the drill test brought great joy to everyone in the platoon. It’s been a lot of hard work (who else loves marking time?) I was also pleased to pass my 1.5 mile run. It was a day of hard work, but successful in the end.

Visiting Worthy Down for our Phase 2 preview instilled a fresh wave of inspiration in me. I believe everyone felt the same after their respective trips to their Phase 2 training establishments. Plus, a trip out of camp is always a welcome development.

Today really dragged on, but the bayonet training got us focused for most of the day. Controlled aggression was the main requirement. A long weekend coming up – I can feel the excitement in the air!

Rain for the best part of the day and that didn’t help, but in the Army we don’t worry about  the weather. Thankfully the sun came out later and this changed our mood as we all experienced a moment of pride as we were presented with our new berets. I’m sure all our guests had a great day as well.

It’s home sweet home. Visiting friends and catching up on missed episodes of my favourite soaps. Did I mention some home cooked meals as well?

Weekend nearly over! I had to shop for the things I need for the remaining weeks of the course and the forthcoming exercise. Not a bad day at all.

I had a great time at my local church, meeting some mates who said I’d been missed. Glad to be back on camp though – come on the next seven weeks!