Anything beyond 8 seconds and it’s goodbye

SuT Amazu, currently at the Army Training Centre, Pirbright, blogs once more with an update on the progression of his Phase 1 Training.

SuT Amazu

SuT Amazu

Week 6

PT is a great way to start the week. This one was special as it involved us running through loads of puddles, thanks to the rain. It also involved running up some unbelievable hills. Loads of fun!

The shooting game moved up a level and our training on Marksmanship Principles proved critical. Shooting at 50m and 100m was a bit daunting but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I got the chance to deploy all the skills learnt in Battle PT. Who would have thought a mere front roll could save your life one day?  I even managed to hurdle, clinching the victory for my section. Bravo!

We finally got dressed in our CBRN kit (never mind the meaning – just think “Gas! Gas! Gas!”). My Respirator (aka gas mask) was on in 5 seconds (anything beyond 8 seconds and it’s goodbye!) Amazing stuff.

My weapon became officially mine following the zeroing process. Most of our grouping was pretty decent too. I have never let myself down on the shooting sessions, yet, and this was no exception.

SaturdayI enjoyed a day out at the Pirbright Scarecrow Festival today; apart from the fact that we (2 Section) didn’t win the Tug O War contest (I blame the sloping ground.) A short trip to the gym helped us warm up for this I guess.

We had loads of fun in Church listening to a guest rapper! We also had to tie up every loose end ready for the final Drill practise (in the rain) – what commitment! I am sure next week will be even better!  The Drill Test is on Monday!