Those weapons came alive

Here’s Soldier under Training (SuT) Amazu from the Army Training Centre, Pirbright, with an update on week four of Phase 1 Training.

SuT Amazu

SuT Amazu

Week 4

It’s finally arrived; the long-awaited Weapon Handling Test. Someone please drum ‘function test’ into my head! What a way to start the week. We also had a 3-mile boot run and I took my favourite spot (at the back). Thank goodness I made it – no getting sick, no stopping. What a day.

I see where this is going (seems like a running and shooting week already). My ear defenders are working overtime as I fire at the digital ranges. The simulation is simply awesome. I am getting used to the bangs! Bangs! And more bangs! Shooting is pure fun.

Still more shooting today, but my grouping no longer looks like I was aiming at the fire exit and I can see where I need to put in more effort. Today’s icing on the cake was the Circuit Training. Life in the gym is not all bad.

Safety catch, safety catch, safety catch. I think I have discovered my favourite part of the weapon. We spent the whole day at the live ranges today. No simulations whatsoever. It was simply thrilling. Brass flying off at random. Those weapons came alive. Again, an exciting day.

An endurance run today took us to the 5-mile Pirbright version of the Himalayan Mountain ranges, aka The Seven Sisters. Dressed in combat trousers and trainers, we 40 brothers overcame the challenge as expected (with a lot of sweat though). The health and hygiene lectures that followed helped bring the day to a fulfilling end.

Our first day out of camp today, super! Within an hour we were having fun climbing tress and sliding down wires from great heights. This was serious stuff but not for the faint-hearted. It’s called Go Ape. And watching the football on TV was also a great way to unwind. Not a bad weekend at all.

I did my best to observe the usual routine – breakfast, church, lunch, admin. And I tried to add more fun to the day by practising some foot drill. Then off we went to the café, to catch up on some of the soaps and news on the internet. That’s it – another week just breezed through.

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