I’ll skip the details

Soldier under Training (SuT) Amazu writes again from the Army Training Centre, Pirbright with his latest experiences of Phase 1 Training. 

SuT Amazu

SuT Amazu

Week 3

It’s Monday morning, and I have already spent the longest time ever lying flat on my stomach, awake (“prone position”, if you like). Skill at Arms has certainly gone to a new level and I am into it. I found it a bit odd doing a PT lesson in a classroom, but it was worth it in the end. A great way to start the week.

Avoidance of STIs was on the menu today (ie sex education!) I’ll skip the details. Changing step! Change step! Then bang – most of us were out of step. I was hoping it wouldn’t take a while before mastering this drill move (come on, it’s just like the good old ‘about turn’). No pole dancing for me on the PT ropes any more either. It was a nice day generally.

I drew a lot of motivation from working beside some of the Corporals during PT today. Strength and conditioning is almost a breeze if you’re fortunate enough to tag alongside one of the ‘staff’. Then more Drill and SAA lessons. What could be better?

Today took us to another level reading maps. Apparently there are several slopes and contours to be aware of! Splashing about in the pool afterwards meant two showers in a single morning. But then it proved a challenge staying awake in the Substance Misuse lesson (and you don’t want to be found nodding off during lessons, trust me!)

I’m about to find out if last night’s hydration process paid off (I lost count of how many times I filled my water bottle) on a 4-mile endurance run.

SaturdayA mixture of Regimental Activities (disc golf and command tasks) and plenty of ironing saved me from an otherwise boring weekend. We helped each other to prepare for the Weapon Handling Test on Monday. Working as a team is great.

It was the usual routine until about noon. Then came an expectant buzz of anticipation for Monday’s room inspection and Weapon Handling Test. Our Section Commander did a walk round inspection to ensure we were OK. 

4 thoughts on “I’ll skip the details

  1. loving reading this it if me a idea of my stepsons first weeks at basic training at bassingbourne even though he passes out soon it lovely to hear what he had to do.


  2. I miss pirbright!! I really enjoyed my time in the army carnt wait to hopefully get back in!


  3. Hi, let me introduce myself… my name is Sandra and i am the mother of a female squaddie.. i have been reading your blog and i think what your doing is admirable.. although i am slightly biased, i whole heartedly support all of our troops. I know that basic training isn’t easy but i do believe that the harder it is to achieve something the more you will appreciate it… your passing out parade will become one of your most treasured of memories because you will know in your heart that you worked hard to get there…. we don’t have the best army in the world for nothing…. i think i’m going to pass this on to all my army mum and dad friends, i’m sure we will all follow your career with avid interest… keep it up… it will be worth it in the end… and well done you…. 🙂


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