Cracking on

Fusilier Stephen Johns

Fusilier Stephen Johns

Fusilier Johns is back at the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick, after 2 weeks of leave. Training is underway again, this week with driving theory tests and live firing on the light machine gun.

Week 14 was the first one back after 2 weeks of leave. It was good to get a break, but people were glad to get back to crack on with training.

This week was driver theory training week. The guys who don’t have a driving licence went away and started learning to do the theory for the Cat B. As I and several others already had Cat B we started to practise for our Cat C theory. If we pass this then we have the chance to take the practical test at the end of training, depending on the amount of spaces on the course and what our battalions want us to do.

Quite a few of us passed the theory before Thursday so we spent the rest of the week doing administration. We cleaned and checked our weapons for faults and then we had the opportunity to work on our best books so they were up to a high standard. (These are where we keep all the notes we have taken over the course). It is useful as we have so much information thrown at us in a short space of time we use this to keep our knowledge and hold it for future reference.

Friday was live firing  on the light machine gun (LMG). This was out to 100m and it was to get us ready ahead of LMG camp next week. I really enjoyed firing the LMG and am looking forward to  the  camp.  We will be spending the whole week live firing and it should be really enjoyable.

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