We had lunch at the top!

Fusilier Stephen Johns

Fusilier Stephen Johns

In his latest blog, Fusilier Stephen Johns, a soldier under training at the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick, reports on a packed week of adventurous training. 

This week we had adventurous training.

We got to Halton on Monday with the other platoons and we were split down into groups of  8-12 people. We then had a brief about meal times, the accommodation and safety in the lines for the week’s activities which began the next day.

On Monday we had caving in the pouring rain, we stopped in a local village before hand to get some snacks for the day. Once we got to the caves themselves we had all the equipment shown and explained to us. I found caving to be fun but other people didn’t like it because they didn’t like the small, confined spaces…

We were in the caves until about 1500hrs, then started our return to camp. We had quite a lot of downtime to ourselves to relax.

On Tuesday we did rock climbing and abseiling. Some groups did this indoors because of the weather but we were outside. We drove to an abandoned quarry where we did our abseiling. It was about an 80 foot drop, which was great fun and most people enjoyed it apart from people scared of heights!

Wednesday was kayaking and canoeing. This was great fun and one of the most enjoyable events. Once we were taught the basic techniques and had a bit of practise we had a game of water polo, which was a good laugh.

On Friday we did mountaineering. Everyone was given a map and compass and we went to the top in a group. We had lunch at the top! On the way back down everyone took it in turns to navigate to a certain point. The aim was to improve our practical map reading skills.

Overall the week was an enjoyable one.  We stopped off in a different village each day, everything we did was based around improving skills we had learnt in the classroom and also focused on the Army’s values and standards.