We couldn’t see out to 100m!

Fusilier Stephen Johns

Fusilier Stephen Johns

Fusilier Stephen Johns writes once again from the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick about his latest experiences of Army basic training. It’s been a busy week – even with a foot injury!


Personally I didn’t do much this week. I injured my foot at home so have been going to the Medical and Physiotherapy centres. I’m trying to get fit again for week 12 when we have our 6 mile output test. I’m confident that I will be back by then although it may mean missing a good week of adventurous training next week.

My platoon this week started with another 5-mile loaded march. This was the second one at this distance and so people were more used to it and nobody struggled too much this time around. This puts the platoon in good standing for the output test on week 12.

We’ve had a lot of lessons this week,  focusing on Battlefield Casualty Drills (BCD), map reading and the light machine gun (LMG). The lessons have been going well. Our platoon staff have been teaching us well and the we are picking up the content quickly. Our map reading lessons are getting more advanced. We all passed our written progress test and have a practical map reading exercise next week during adventurous training. We have also had a written BCD test, which we haven’t had the results for but I am confident we have passed.

At ITC Catterick  the training staff are good, as they go through everything you need to know and they make sure everyone understands. They don’t shout and bawl at you if you don’t pick things up first time. They want you to learn and understand what is being taught.

We have also been on the ranges and also the DCCT. We are shooting out to 300m again, practising for the marksmanship test. On the range the weather was foggy so everyone had to wait a couple of hours for the shoot as we couldn’t see out to 100m!

This week was not as good as last week for shooting and not everyone passed. There were quite a few reshoots. Even on the DCCT we had people failing as the standards needed to pass have increased. We will definitely need the few days on the ranges in week 12 before our marksmanship test.