A week of milestones passed

Officer Cadet Todd Ledwith blogs from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He’s had his Regimental Selection Board interview with the Army Air Corps. How did he do?

Officer Cadet Ledwith

Officer Cadet Ledwith

As is the norm at Sandhurst, the events which you worry about the most are those that come around quickest. After weeks of concern, I suddenly found myself being led into a room in Old College and sat down to begin my Regimental Selection Board interview with the Army Air Corps. The interview, likewise, flew past in a blur. It would appear I did enough to convey my desire and suitability to join because after an afternoon of drill practice I found myself back in said room receiving the news that I was to be offered a commission. I was ecstatic, a fact which was no doubt conveyed to the documentary camera crew by the stupid grin on my face.

The boxing event that evening gave cause to continue the celebrations as both boxers from Alamein Company won their bouts and the ‘Best Boxer’ trophy was awarded to a member of my platoon. As was the case last term, it was a great event characterised by exciting bouts, impressive pomp and circumstance (thanks to The Band of The Blues and Royals) and slick execution. Everyone enjoyed themselves, despite the looming fact that we had a full room and locker inspection the next day which required much ironing and cleaning to be done upon our late return. For some, interviews or results from those interviews were also impending; hopefully the event proved a welcome distraction.

Bayonet training on Thursday provided us with the skills to utilise this close-quarter weapon if a situation should deem it necessary in battle. Whilst gruelling, afterwards it emerged that stabbing sandbags was a brilliant form of stress relief after the jittery build-up to RSBs. Friday’s Advanced Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) was another arduous event whose subsequent endorphin release upon completion of the 1.5 mile loaded run had much the same effect as the previous day’s event.

After a week of milestones passed, we look forward to the log race on Monday and the Drill Competition on Thursday of next week, both of which are Sovereign’s Banner events and give us a chance to pit ourselves against the other 8 platoons in the intake.