My least favourite place on camp

Junior Solider (JS) Field blogs from the Army Technical Foundation College, Winchester once more, with details of how he aced the Combat Fitness Test.

Rifle Drill

Rifle Drill

We’re getting so close to the final exercise and, hopefully, the pass off parade now. I can’t wait.

We started this week by deploying on a 48-hour exercise to prepare us for the final one in a couple of weeks. The idea was to revise the things we had all ready learned and to teach us new skills like how to take prisoners and search them correctly. The exercise was a good couple of days out of camp and the weather was good to us, which made it all the better. We finished early on Tuesday morning and went on to a navigational exercise straight afterwards. For this we had to navigate to three different points and then back to the start position to show that we could effectively navigate. I found it quite easy but other struggled a little bit. Another test ticked off!

After lunch we did a loaded march in preparation for our test on Thursday. We covered 2 miles as a group, followed by 2 miles best effort and then a further mile as a group. It was pretty exhausting and again some people really struggled with it.

Wednesday saw us take the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) test. We had to demonstrate that we could operate effectively in a chemical environment. I found this fairly easy as we had done quite a bit of preparation –  but the additional motivation was that passing would mean I’d I’d not have to revisit the Respirator Test Facility. It’s my least favourite place on camp.

The third test of the week was our Combat Fitness Test (CFT). For this we had to march 6 miles in under an hour and a half with our bergens. It involved 2 miles as a troop and then 4 miles best effort. A lot of people had blisters before the start of this test and after the practice on Tuesday were a bit nervous as everyone knew it was going to be exhausting. We started and the whole squadron took part including all members of permanent staff. I worked really hard from the beginning and worked my way to the front. Once I got to the front of the squadron I didn’t want anyone to overtake me so I just kept running. I finished first, beating all of the troop and the permanent staff so I was really chuffed. After the test I was pretty shattered as you can imagine and I was happy to see my bed that night.

Along with all the tests we have been practising rifle drill (pictured) in preparation for our pass off parade in less than 4 weeks. Next week we have our final week in camp before we deploy on our final exercise, FINAL FLING. I can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “My least favourite place on camp

  1. Good on u so far JS, glad u were ok on the C.B.R.N. Respirator Test Facility will become enjoyable. Be strong & Focus. ; )


  2. Well done on your combat fitness test, determination always pays off but don’t forget those who helped you get there.

    Looking forward to seeing you pass off



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