And everyone passed!

Fusilier Stephen Johns

Fusilier Stephen Johns

Fusilier Stephen Johns writes from the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick, with an update on his most recent week of training on the Combat Infantrymans’ Course.

Week 7 of the Combat Infantrymans’ Course began with work on the ranges – firing from a distance of 100 metres. This is more difficult than shooting at 25 or 50 metres but it was enjoyable and a good experience.

On Tuesday we had a swimming test. We had to swim in uniform around the swimming pool after treading water for 2 minutes. It was more difficult than swimming in shorts but most people still managed to pass. After swimming we had bayonet fighting. The corporals motivated  us from the start to try to get maximum aggression out of us. It was difficult – but also enjoyable.

On Wednesday we had introduction to the steeplechase. It had been raining the night before and the course was muddy which made it difficult going, even though it was just an introduction!

For Thursday we were back to the ranges, having our rifles zeroed to our eyes. It was a windy day which made it a little more difficult.

Then on Friday we had circuit training which was more intense than our last lesson. But the physical training here is progressive and it gets a bit harder every week. We also went on the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT – an indoor laser range). We were simulating shooting at 100, 200 and 300 metres. And everyone passed!