No one really talks about the 20-Miler

2Lt Sam Westlake

2Lt Sam Westlake

There’s been drama on the penultimate day of P Company as one man broke a leg on a challenging 20-Miler. Second Lieutenant Sam Westlake has the details in his latest blog.

We drove out of Catterick Garrison at around 0630hrs bound for Otterburn – all because the Officer Commanding P Company deems the hills of Yorkshire too small for his 20-Miler, hence the drive to Northumberland!

I was looking forward to this event because I was strong on the hills in the beat-up stage of the course.  But this tab was a bit of a shock and the first leg, as always, was quick.  The first hill was big and both the All-Arms and Recruit packs soon spread out.  After about 4 miles there’s 4-minute water stop which allows everyone to close up and get some food and water on board.

The pace of this tab is not like a 10-Miler but the steepness of the hills and the uneven nature of the ground makes it hard.  We lost three men in the early stages, one with a broken leg.  He had been carrying a stress fracture and his tibia finally gave way during a double down hill.  There are long water stops on this TAB which allow time to get the bergen off your back and eat from the top flap so there is no need to fill your pockets.  No one really talks about the 20-Miler, probably because there is so much emphasis on the Log and Stretcher Races, but don’t disregard it.  Use the final weekend to prepare, because it is tough.