A bit of a thrashing

2Lt Sam Westlake

2Lt Sam Westlake

From the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick, blogs Second Lieutenant Sam Westlake, recounting another day on P Company…

Waking up in a wet wood block after yesterday’s marathon of activity is not ideal – but with plenty of water and stretching I shook off any aches and pains.  This morning concluded our battle and medical lessons with section attacks and casualties.  If you’ve attended the Infantry Battle School at Brecon you may get lucky and find yourself playing the enemy! Each squad (approximately 9 strong now) went through an advance to contact and extracted a casualty over some distance.  When the attacks were complete the scenario continued and we soon learnt that each of our three casualties needed evacuating to a Helicopter Landing Site (HLS).  Expect the HLS to be inconveniently sited 1km from your current location…

In the afternoon we had an Introduction to the Assault Course. (“Introduction” on P Company means you do it 3 times).  It starts off very instructional and then turns in to a bit of a thrashing, albeit another good opportunity for each of the squads to work as a team.  There is nothing particularly challenging on the assault course but it is big and after a 1.8 mile steeplechase in Test Week, it will be exhausting.

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  1. Sam, ur all going thru some tough times. So physically & mentally draining, but fun too. Eat, rest, train & work well. ;~)


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