Plenty of banter

2Lt Sam Westlake

2Lt Sam Westlake

Second Lieutenant Sam Westlake writes about his latest experiences of the Pegasus Company training course at the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick, which have included an 8-mile tab…

Today started with an 8-mile tab at the 10-miler pace – 11 minute miles.  It was the easiest test we’ve had since screening but I found it the least enjoyable.  My body has obviously gone into recovery mode because I was stiff and feeling a few strains in the legs and lower back.  Luckily there’s nothing like the first 2 miles of P Company PT to shake it off.  There was only one water stop during this tab but it’s very manageable for anyone who gets this far in the course.

Generally spirits are high amongst the 30 of us left.  After the tab there was plenty of time to have lunch, stretch off and prepare kit for an afternoon of battle lessons.  We went back on the area for a short session of casualty drills, contact drills and pairs fire-manoeuvre.  Although for many, these lessons are a remind and revise, afternoons like these are a good opportunity to stay on top of skills and for each of the 3 syndicates to work together.  Tomorrow will lead into section attacks that will confirm the medical and battle lessons we have had during the course.

Of the remaining 30 men, 14 are officers.  The infantry contingent is made of 3 PARA officers, a SCOTS Captain intending on joining the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG) and a Captain from the Grenadier Guards.  There’s plenty of banter between the infanteers and the “Corpsmen”.  There is a healthy rivalry between the Parachute Regiment officers on the course and the Atts/Detts from the REME and Royal Engineers and it makes the chat in the evenings interesting!