Let the hill do the work

2Lt Sam Westlake

2Lt Sam Westlake


With another update from the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick, here’s Second Lieutenant Sam Westlake with the latest from his attempt at Pegasus Company

Day 4

There’s nothing steady about the steady-state run on day 4 of P Company.  It’s a 6- mile run that offers an insight into many of Catterick’s hills and, like every session, it starts quickly. The trick is to stick with the pace to get the most out of the rest periods.  Those who struggle are constantly grafting to catch up while the rest of the pack benefits from recovery periods.  There’s a red card system in place for men who come off events.  Two red cards put you at risk of failing and 3 results in a straight fail.

I believe this has been the easiest session of the week so far.  It was hard and only a taste of the hill sessions to come, but it was no Speed Play.  I personally feel stronger on the hills whereas others are better at runaways on flat ground.  The technique to today was to work hard uphill and open-up on the down – “let the hill do the work”, as they say.  This run had plenty of water stops and recovery periods so it was important to work hard in between, as the staff expect best effort throughout.

In the afternoon we received Medical Lesson 2, a lesson on Fire Control Orders, and Pairs Fire and Movement training.  For most this was a “remind and revise” but the medical lesson offered a lot of new insights.  Many of us have been through Sandhurst and Brecon and feel that the medical lessons here have been some of the best we’ve had.  There’s more to P Company than physical training; it is also designed to confirm that every man aspiring to the maroon beret has the basic infantry skills to serve alongside Paratroopers.

3 thoughts on “Let the hill do the work

  1. i let the hill do the work when i go running on warminster tank traks it is hard on the way up it but i think that whinur running down it is like a reward and a rest period


  2. Encouragement & praises 4all. Fire & Medical lessons-learn from them. Got Maroon Berets’ with ur names on xxx Angels Guide U.


  3. This guy looks like a mexican machine no wonder he’s ok lol! Hope all u guys are safe n doin well so proud of u all. look forward 2 seein u with the maroon machine and not some hat!



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