Laden with PT

A week laden with physical training is the subject of Officer Cadet Todd Ledwith’s latest blog from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst…

Officer Cadet Ledwith

Officer Cadet Ledwith

After a concerted effort to catch up on lost sleep at the weekend in the wake of Exercise FIRST ENCOUNTER, we returned to a week of training laden with PT. Monday was circuits followed by a swim in combat shirt and trousers, Tuesday a 6-mile loaded march carrying 25kgs (which was a little bit of jolt for everyone after the break from such activities), Wednesday a session on the assault course followed by sport in the afternoon and then finally on Saturday a training session for the Annual Combat Fitness Test or ACFT (a 1.5 mile loaded run which is to be completed in less than 15 minutes) which consisted of a run and then simulated casualty evacuations. This last session was particularly tough and the majority of the platoon are resolved to continue the training themselves during the evenings of the coming weeks.

As well as all this strenuous activity, of particular note this week was the second of three leadership lectures from the Commandant, Major-General PC Marriot CBE, one of which we receive each term. The General used Montgomery’s definition of leadership as “…the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires confidence” and outlined his personal seven pillars of what it is to be an effective leader, those being; Professional Knowledge – a thorough understanding of your job, Intellect – ‘thinking to the finish’, Judgment – through knowledge and experience, Willpower – steel and decisiveness, Trust – through integrity, Communication – the skill to convey your leadership and Selfless Commitment – “do as you ought, not as you want”. It was an excellent and thought-provoking lecture from a voice of great experience.

Between two range days on Thursday and Friday (during the second of which everyone greatly enjoyed shooting with the pistol for the first time) we were able to dash up to London to celebrate Chinese New Year with the two Chinese Cadets who are members of the Company. It was a great meal and hopefully a suitable way for them to see in the year of the Rabbit whilst they are away from home.

The coming week has more of an academic focus and so hopefully will provide us all with the time to start our personal training for the ACFT whilst improving our skills in the estimate and orders process and comprehension of the intellectual aspects of our role as future leaders.