The muddiest bit of ground you can imagine

With news of his latest week of training at the Army Technical Foundation College in Winchester, Junior Soldier (JS) Field blogs once more…

"The water was freezing cold..."

"The water was freezing cold..."

Week 11 was a much better week – but that was mainly down to us passing our inspection and getting out on Saturday.

At the start of the week we did our first PT lesson on the assault course and it was an experience.  We set off at the gym and jogged to the assault course. The instructor seemed to take the muddiest bit of ground you can imagine and then suddenly said “get down and start crawling!” Within seconds we were covered in mud. We  kept on going through the puddles – the water was freezing cold and it had been raining all morning.  When we got to the start of the assault course and it turned out to be awesome – we were climbing over walls, swinging across gaps on ropes and going across beams right up in the air.  When it had all finished one of the Corporals was waiting with a hosepipe to wash us all down before we went in to the block to warm up again. We queued up to be drenched with freezing water – which wasn’t very pleasant!

We also went to visit our Phase 2 Training establishment this week.  This is where we will go when we finish our training at Winchester.  It was a really good day and was nice to get an idea of what we would be doing next.  We also got to talk with someone who already does our trade and ask them about what we would be learning.

In lectures we learnt how to become a more effective soldier and we also watched another episode of Band of Brothers which gave us an hour of relaxation. We also went on the DCCT (Dismounted Close Combat Trainer – an indoor laser range) and practiced firing at 200 and 300 metres. This was good fun as I like shooting, and it gave me more practice at getting a smaller group size.

Finally this week we had the inter-troop football competition which is part of the ‘Sir John Moore Competition’ that we take part in on Wednesday afternoons. I am the first to admit that I’m rubbish at football but our team battled through and we won 2 out of 3 games and drew the third.  This meant we came second overall which we were pleased with.  However 14 Troop will WIN the next competition!

As Friday morning rolled round we were all dreading what was coming next. The room inspection. But we were surprised when we found out that we had managed to pass and it meant we wouldn’t be re-showing on Saturday, which was a relief.

This week has felt so much better than the last. I feel we are back where we need to be with our lockers.  Also it is another week down in training and we’re all one week closer to passing off. Roll on week 12!

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  1. I’m just glad Mum doesn’t have to do your washing these days!!! Cold or not you seem to have had a bit of fun on the assault course, keep working hard


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