It doesn’t feel like we have ever been away

Junior Soldier Field is back at the Army Technical Foundation College, Winchester, after a two-week Christmas break. His latest blog covers his first week back in training, which has included range work, PT sessions and the much-feared drill test…

This was our first week back after Christmas leave. The two-week break was amazing – it was so good to relax, see our families and catch up with friends. It was just what we needed. Coming back through the gates into camp was a bit dull, but it did not take long for us to get back in the swing of things.

Live firing on the ranges

Live firing on the ranges

The first few days were spent on the ranges. It was nice to get out of camp and see different areas of the Army, but the weather was either freezing cold or raining constantly which made it miserable. We also had a few PT sessions this week too, and I found them a lot harder than normal. This might might have something to do with me stuffing my face during the previous 2 weeks, though…

JS Field with his Royal Signals cap badge

JS Field with his Royal Signals cap badge

The major event for this week was the drill test. We had been squeezing in as much practise as we could between other lessons. Everyone was so desperate to pass, as it is almost like a passage into the proper Army! We spent all of Friday night sorting out our kit, ironing everything again and again and again. This all paid off though – as our Troop were judged to have the best uniforms.

On Saturday morning we marched on to the parade square at 0850. I was so nervous when we marched on and had the inspection from the Adjutant, I scored 14 out of 20 for my kit which I was fairly happy with. We then carried on with the drill test. As a Troop we had pulled together and all passed – except one who will re-take the test next week.

As a result of passing we are now able to wear the cap badges of the Corps we are joining on our berets and now I really feel like I am a part of the Royal Signals. The week has once again flown by and it doesn’t feel like we have ever been away!

4 thoughts on “It doesn’t feel like we have ever been away

  1. Well done on passing your drill test, I know how much getting your badge meant to you.
    As always all of us at home are very proud of you and all your achievments are just as exciting and important for us too.

    I did notice however you did not mention slicing your thumb in your haste to affix your Cap Badge!!!!

    Best Wishes


  2. Hey Josh! Glad to see that you managed to get back safely to Wincester and settled back in okay. Really pleased you passed your drill test. Just at Mum and Dad’s at the moment and seen you photo on the wall of horrors!!!

    P.S. Loving the new specs…really trendy!


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