I have changed for the better

Junior Soldier Field writes from the Army Technical Foundation College, Winchester, about the final week of training before the Christmas break.

The first 6 weeks of training are now over. It doesn’t feel like I have been away from home for more than 5 minutes!

This was to be an important week as were scheduled to do the passing in drill test. But due to the poor weather we were sent home early on Friday and it was postponed. I was gutted as I wanted the right to wear my regimental cap badge.

We didn’t really seen a huge amount this week apart from the inside of our lockers and our irons! We spent two long nights preparing for the OC’s Inspection. Ironing bedding so that it looked immaculate was the most annoying part. I slept in my sleeping bag to avoid creasing the sheets!

I passed the Battlefield Casualty Drill test, which I was really happy about as it another test out of the way. We also went on the ranges for the first time doing live firing which was really good. I was quite impressed with my shooting as I managed to get quite a small grouping of rounds. Live firing was really exciting and probably one of the best things I have done so far here at ATFC Winchester.

On the night before we left for Christmas leave we had a Christmas meal served to us by the Permanent Staff and it was really good fun. We had crackers, Christmas hats and party blowers which everyone made a racket with. We also had a band playing and some singing and everyone was really excited to be going home. It was obvious that we had bonded as a Troop too.

It will be good to go home for Christmas and get away from the fences we have been stuck behind over the last 6 weeks. The experience has definitely made me appreciate the simpler things in life – but I am looking forward to coming back in January and carrying on with training. I have learnt a lot these past 6 weeks and feel I have changed for the better.

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  1. Congrats on Battlefield Drill Test. We praise ur name & other troops2. Now onward & Upward 2ur highest Goals. Stand Proud. XX


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