Half way

Private Adam Tooth blogs from Afghanistan with an update on his tour so far.

Private Adam Tooth

Private Adam Tooth

I’m 3 months (half way) through my first tour in Afghanistan now, and I’ve enjoyed it so far. I have now moved from 15 Squadron as a Driver back to my main trade as a Radio Operator and have been in Regimental Headquarters maintaining the radio for when our boys go out on the ground carrying out Combat Logistic Patrols I’ve enjoyed getting ‘hands-on’ with my main trade as I feel out here in theatre it is the best place to learn more about BOWMAN equipment and operate radios to the best of my ability.

Recently Rocket from Soccer AM and Jeff Shreeves from Ford Super Sunday came out here to host a 6-a-side football tournament for British soldiers from lots of different regiments to compete against each another. I took part in that tournament with 13 CSLR (13 Close Support Logistic Regiment) along with 11 other soldiers from 13 CSLR. We entered two teams in the tournament; 63 Squadron and a 24 Squadron team. 63 went out after being defeated 1-0 in their 1st game however 24 Squadron (the team I was in) won our 1st game 2-0 against the Apache crew and I scored the 2nd goal to seal the win! We went through to the second round but were beaten 1-0 by the REME and eliminated from the tournament.

The next day I was asked to do a Christmas message to my loved ones back at home in the UK to be shown on Super Sunday when the mighty Manchester United took on premier league rivals Chelsea. However the match was cancelled due to the bad weather back in the UK but as it was dedicated to troops out in Afghanistan they decided to show the public a few things that we do out here. They showed families and friends our Christmas messages as we wouldn’t be home for Christmas. Many of my friends and family did not watch it as they thought the show was cancelled along with the big clash football match but gladly I was able to tell them that it was being replayed on TV later on that evening.

The lads I work with are all great and we like to have a laugh whilst we’re out here working and morale is very high. However I am going home on R&R (rest and recuperation) soon and can’t wait to see my family, especially my 2-year old nephew who has started talking since I’ve been out here. Also I’m looking forward to seeing my girlfriend who I’m missing so much. Most of all I can’t wait to go to the pub with the lads, have a few beers and not remember it the next day!

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  1. Thats the spirit brav! i have a bro who is in the parachute regiment n is also half way kip the fire burning


  2. Good so far, all the best 4future. Use R&R Sensibly. Quality1-1 time- Family, G-friend & mates. Stay sober 4fond memories. X


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