Fortunately we don’t have any big snorers

Lieutenant Rob Treanor blogs from Afghanistan about his new role protecting combat logistic patrols. He also discusses what it’s like sharing a tent with eight other men.

Since coming back from R&R I’ve changed roles slightly to command A Troop, who provide Force Protection for combat logistic patrols (CLPs). In layman’s terms instead of looking after big trucks, I now look after big guns. As a Troop our role is to plan the route, prove it, co-ordinate external assets such as helicopters and protect the CLP as it moves between locations.

Since returning the Troop has been pretty busy with Ops, which is a good thing. Although you can feel the midday sun gradually getting hotter day by day, the evenings are still very cold. Last week when I was on top cover I found that my water bottle had frozen! The cold has given us respite from the flies which get everywhere in the warmer months. However given the wind chill in the early morning on my face -which tends to feel like my nose is about to fall off- I’d gladly take the flies back at the moment!

There is a real buzz and excitement when we’re getting ready for an Op. The lads are now well drilled, and know what they need to do to prepare. There’s a satisfying feeling when you’ve prepared your vehicle for the next day and are looking forward to going out and getting on with it.

It was great to come back to the tent I live in with eight other blokes, the banter between us is good fun. There are enough people that you can sit down and chill out with a different person every night which is cool. We have a little sitting area in the tent where we play cards or watch a bit of tv in the evenings. Fortunately we don’t have any big snorers and everyone gets on well, which is good given the proximity that we live in!

Time here has seemed to have gone by quickly. We’re well over half way through the tour now, and I’m pleased with what we’ve achieved. Our pre-deployment training stood us in good stead for what we would face out here, and prepared us well. I hope the coming weeks and months are as busy for us, passing the time until the end of tour.

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  1. Well done so far. Hope u enjoyed ur R&R & getting 2grips with ur new role! Hav u made nose warmer, so it dont drop off ! lmao


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