The best 14 weeks of my life

Soldier under Training (SuT) Jamie Davies writes from the Army Training Centre, Pirbright, about the final week of his Phase 1 Training.

SuT Jamie Davies

SuT Jamie Davies

This week was Pass Off week, the culmination of all of our hard work. It has been by far the biggest week of my entire life. It feels like everything has built up to this.

We started the week with a lot of weapons drill – for this we used inert rifles, which do not fire. The hardest thing about rifle drill is keeping the timings. It’s also hard to keep in step when there are 80 of you on the parade square. When we have a band on the actual day it should be easier to keep step.

We started packing our kit this week and handing stuff back in. We also had our military quiz this week which goes towards the Section competition. My Section did well, so we were quite chuffed.

On Wednesday we had our first full run through of the parade. It was freezing! But apparently it actually looked quite good. Then Thursday was again a load of drill. The RSM was on the square on Thursday – he’s a scary man but someone that everyone respects, though.

By Thursday night we had done pretty much done everything we could in preparation for the parade. I was nervous, but everyone was in the same boat. On Friday morning we were in breakfast with the Training Team at 0630 and had a practice run through called the Adjutant’s Parade, with the band, at 0800. Once that was finished we did any final last minute preparation of kit and then we were on at 1100!

I feel really proud of what I have accomplished over this course. The whole Troop has come so far. It has quite genuinely been the best 14 weeks of my life.

4 thoughts on “The best 14 weeks of my life

  1. Hoping Xmas/new yr was good! I am so proud of ur achievements Jamie. I know u’ll get better/stronger at wot u do, each day. X


  2. You are achieving so much, with your friends and comrades in arms… i am so thrilled, and i bet your family are proud of you too…Take care….You’ve earned a rest….Happy New year…from Wales….


  3. Well done Jamie in achieving your goal.I have enjoyed reading you blogs.Enjoy your career in the army and keep safe!!


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