Testing times

Soldier under Training (SuT) Jamie Davies writes about the eleventh week of his British Army phase 1 training at the Army Training Centre, Pirbright. It’s been a week of tests…

SuT Jamie Davies

SuT Jamie Davies

This week was the start of a whole load of tests.  The Army runs two types of tests – formative and summative.  It’s not the end of the world if you have to retake a a formative test. But summative tests really matter and you have to pass them in order to stay in the Troop.  This week has been full of both types of test and so we have all been quite nervous.

I feel like I should pass everything.  I am quite confident that I have been taught everything I need to know, but then I always have an element of doubt in my mind.

On Monday we had basketball.  At this stage in training you do less physical training, but it is more demanding.  On Tuesday we had a practice for the Army Combat Marksmanship Test (ACMT).  Unfortunately the weather was awful. There was freezing fog and we did as much practice as we could but it was really difficult to see the targets from distances past 100m.

On Wednesday we had a tab, carrying 12kg of weight. It was 5 miles and I found it really hard.  Afterwards I felt quite good though. – especially after a hot shower. It’s important to concentrate and not panic during all of these tests or you could fail just through being overly nervous.

I can’t believe there are only 3 weeks left.  Exercise FINAL FLING and our pass out parade are almost in sight.

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  1. Jamie, always have that element of doubt in ur mind as it will widen ur horizens and make u more alert to ur surroundings. x


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