We had several contacts

In his latest blog Private Adam Tooth, a Driver with 13 Close Support Logistic Regiment, writes about going to Sangin to collect British equipment for redistribution in Helmand province.

Private Adam Tooth

Private Adam Tooth

We spent just  over 24 hours en-route to Forward Operating Base (FOB) NOLAY. After arrival there were loads  to be collected like ISO containers and other vital British equipment that needed to be returned to Camp Bastion to it could be re-jigged around our new AO (Area of Operations) in Helmand.

After all the call signs had collected their relevant loads we were on standby to make the journey back for just under 48 hours.   The reason was an Engineer call sign had to be flown into FOB (Forward Operating Base) NOLAY to recce a route for further operations.  The route back was well selected – for the British anyway – very few bog-ins and breakdowns.  Our ANA (Afghanistan National Army) friends however found it a little more tricky, they struggled when it came to hills and soft sand, but slowly we pushed through.

As we started to make progress it became a very kinetic area. Kinetic is a term we use when an area becomes more active with enemy movement.  We had several contacts – all small arms attacks, ranging from a simple “shoot ‘n’ scoot” to a full on 30-45 minute engagement where most call signs throughout the entire CLP (Combat Logistic Patrol) exchanged fire.

All in all it was a very intense and busy 36 hour trip back to Camp Bastion.  One less operation to worry about, home and safe – but there will be plenty of others to come.