I can feel myself getting physically fitter

SuT Jamie Davies writes about his fourth week of Phase 1 training at the Army Training Centre, Pirbright. He’s had his Weapons Handling Test,  live firing on the ranges – and more blisters…


SuT Jamie Davies

SuT Jamie Davies



Week four. We’re now expected to know how to wear our different uniforms without any help or direction, and to make them look smart.  The regular locker layout inspections continue, and we all know the standards expected. They’re high – but you feel really good when you pass an inspection!

I had my Weapons Handling Test (WHT) on Monday and I was really worried, but I flew through it.  The instructors really help to get the information you need to know into your head. I’m not sure how they do it, but whatever it is, it works!

The WHT was in preparation for Live Firing (LF) 1, 2 and 3.  LF1 and 2 took place on the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT – an indoor simulated range) and LF3 involved live rounds on an outdoor range. Live firing was amazing. It was so weird knowing that real bullets were coming out of the end of the barrel – and it was pretty cool looking at the targets at the end, seeing where the bullets had gone through.  I passed all the shoots, and was pretty happy.

We did some more swimming this week, and we also had circuits.  I really enjoyed both of them and I can feel myself getting physically fitter.  When you’re doing the sessions you feel like you might actually die – but afterwards you feel a lot better. The staff say all the time that all they ask is that you give 100%.  If you give it your all you then don’t get into trouble.

We also had our first boot run this week.  My heel was taped up to try to prevent blisters, but it didn’t work.  We have been taught by the Medic how to deal with them, so this time I sorted them out myself.  If they get really bad you can go to the nightly Blister Clinic to get them treated by the Medical Staff. Quite a few of the boys have been at various points over the last 4 weeks.

The weeks are flying by fast now and we will be on our weekend 7 leave soon.  I really can’t wait. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet but it will definitely involve a lot of sleeping!

I absolutely love life here. The lads in my section always pull together to help each other out. It’s important to work as a team to get through training and work together to achieve full potential.  I feel like I’m well on the way to my ultimate goal now of being in the British Army. I will not quit!

5 thoughts on “I can feel myself getting physically fitter

  1. My son is one week ahead of you and he also loves the life. His first boot run produced the same results so look after your blisters and you will be fine.


  2. I’m thoroughly enjoying this blog. I don’t generally read them, but this one brings back so many memories, not all of them good, but all of them worth remembering.

    I did my basic 25 years ago, and if I could, I’d do it all again. Hindsight is great, and if I’d known then what I know know I’d have been a better soldier altogether.

    Good luck with the rest of phase 1, then onwards and upwards….


  3. Another good blog keep up the good work . Our son went in the same time as you but at winchester and he is enjoying it as much as you but also said his weeks leave is going to be spent sleeping .


  4. Keep up the good work hun; you are doing really well and achieving a whole new experience; Take care; Dawn from Newport Wales…..


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